User Management User Management latest software downloads en-us MIE Scheduling Software 1 MIE Scheduling Software is an easy to use and implement Scheduling Software system. The solution offers the ability to schedule employees and work centers in the aim of improving delivery times and efficiencies. 04 October, 2011 09:16 User Management - AntiGame Plus 5.0 Using AntiGame software, successfully implement your organization's policy regarding games. 29 November, 2010 01:28 ser Management - TempSuperEq 1.0 Establishes a Tempsup User with Supervisor Rights. 29 November, 2010 01:26 User Management - SPACEH32 1.0 Checks space used by users DOS 3x 4x 29 November, 2010 01:25 User Management - PWEASY 1.0 Lets you change user's password in an NDS Environment 29 November, 2010 01:24 User Management - USERMANE 1.0 User Manager for Netware was designed to simplify the task of basic account management of a Novell NDS network. User Manager was not created to replace Netware Administrator. 27 November, 2010 01:21 User Management - MPASS1-3 1.0 MasterPass allows you to keep multiple system passwords synchronized, including Microsoft, NetWare and Windows '95 systems. 27 November, 2010 01:19 User Management - CHGPASS 1.0 Password changer for NDS 55k WIN 27 November, 2010 01:19 User Management - KILLDOOM 1.0 Stop Doom games on networks DOS 27 November, 2010 01:18 User Management - SETUSR 1.0 Assists network Administrators to automate time consuming network user related tasks such as the creation and maintenance of home and application directory structures and files on shared file systems 27 November, 2010 01:18 User Management - SUPER100 1.0 A DOS tool for Netware 4.1x that can make a normal user temporary ADMIN equivalent without the need to log in as ADMIN first. 10 November, 2010 05:16 User Management - NodeMaster 1.0 NodeMaster® provides a quick and easy solution for monitoring / managing Connections and Open Files, as well as tracking and logging Connection activity, on a NetWare Server. 05 November, 2010 23:52 User Management - Genesis 2.00 Genesis is the preferred admin recovery tool for NDS based NetWare servers. 05 November, 2010 23:52 User Management - LogDate 1.4 LogDate allows the administrator to scan the NDS tree and look at the last login times for users. It enables administrators to keep the tree clean by removing accounts which no longer log in, or have never been used. 04 November, 2010 03:02 User Management - UserSpace 1.3 UserSpace quickly scans users home directories and reports on the amount of space used in each one. 04 November, 2010 03:02 User Management - IsItUp 3.1 Taro Software's IsItUp - When you need to know the status of your network. 04 November, 2010 03:01 User Management - Homes 3.05.12 Homes.exe can set and/or (re)create home directories using the eDirectory. UserSpace or Directory Quotas can also be set/reset. 04 November, 2010 03:01 User Management - WinBatch Netware Extender 1.0 Free Add-on to the WinBatch scripting language providing additional NDS/Netware functionality 04 November, 2010 03:01 User Management - WinBatch, the Batch Language for Windows 1.0 WinBatch is the Windows desktop automation solution -- take nearly anything your computer can do, and assign it to a simple menu selection, command or hotkey. 04 November, 2010 03:01 User Management - The Pre-School Partner 1.0 New The Pre-School Partner(PSP) v5.3 for 2007 is a complete center management system designed specifically for the daily administration of preschool and day care centers. 04 November, 2010 03:00