Sheduling Software Sheduling Software latest software downloads en-us ToToDo 1.0 Desktop Task Management to help you get organized and manage all your jobs and tasks easily and quickly. It helps you define goals, recrute tasks, track status, submit report, measure the results. Totodo Server facilitates team collaboration also. 26 June, 2014 10:54 Scheduling Software - NETCTRL 1.0 Operate control a Netware Server at configurable times 12 December, 2010 01:06 Scheduling Software - BYWHEN 1.0 Execute other programs at a given date and time, parameters are passed from the command line or read from an INI file, will execute files with a .bat, .com, .exe file extension on the date and time you pass to it DOS 12 December, 2010 01:06 Scheduling Software - AUTOCOM 1.0 Send a console command at a specific clock time every day until it is unloaded, it is small, requiring about 40k of memory to remain loaded 25k 10 December, 2010 01:27 Scheduling Software - XSKED 1.0 Network scheduling system, features room and resource calendaring, recurring event scheduler, multi-level access security, configurable prompts, international dates and times, online help, and built-in admin system DOS 02 December, 2010 01:22 Scheduling Software - DBOOT11 1.0 Reboots the computer after a specified time, will then wait 5 seconds to allow the disk cache to flush itself DOS 02 December, 2010 01:22 Scheduling Software - IDLEBOOT 1.0 Reboots computer / workstation after period of time DOS 02 December, 2010 01:21 Scheduling Software - OUTREACH 1.0 Out Reach - WorkStation Enhancer 1.1, can display messages, launch programs, & display graphics at various times as dictated by your settings WIN 3x 95 15 November, 2010 21:05 Scheduling Software - Groone's Macroer 2.6 An old favorite for gamers, and professionals alike. Automate repetitive tasks with great ease and no longer be burned out with the mind numbing process of doing something over and over and over again with your own two hands. 27 October, 2010 02:58 Scheduling Software - Macro Mania 12.x Whether you are looking for a personal productivity tool or, like many of our corporate customers, need a powerful, reliable program to automate tasks in a professional environment, Macro Mania is your solution. 27 October, 2010 02:58