NLMs NLMs latest software downloads en-us NLMs - RC_COM 1.0 RC.NLM is a NetWare loadable module which acts on system console as a File commander. 03 January, 2011 20:18 NLMs - AlertTrack 1.0 AlertTrack is a Novell NLM which provides detection and forwarding of alerts and alarms from applications and services 09 December, 2010 01:21 NLMs - NWS 1.0 This is a comprehensive antivirus software package developed by Proland Software for NetWare Server. 09 December, 2010 01:20 NLMs - SCRSAV 1.0 Tobit NLM ScreenSaver - old NLM screen saver for Netware console 567k NLM 3x 07 December, 2010 23:15 NLMs - ConsoleManager 1.0 The Console Manager for NetWare, integrated server utility package, provides detailed information about the current state of a NetWare file server. 04 December, 2010 00:40 NLMs - CPQFM.NLM 1.0 Free console file manager from Compaq for all NetWare versions 04 December, 2010 00:37 NLMs - AutoPurge Version 1.30 AutoPurge is a NetWare NLM that periodically (every 5 seconds to every one hour) checks all the volumes on your server for deleted but not yet purged files. 25 October, 2010 03:01 NLMs - Netris 1.00 Ever been bored waiting for a backup to finish, or sitting twiddling your thumbs waiting for users to log off the network. 25 October, 2010 02:59 NLMs - Sockclnt 2.01 Handy TCP socket utility for NetWare servers. Developed originally as a test tool for i-MailDS this has become a useful tool for diagnosing TCP links on NetWare servers 25 October, 2010 02:59 NLMs - SYSLOG2.NLM V0.2 SyslogD is a simple syslog daemon who runns on any netware server. 25 October, 2010 02:59 NLMs - SENDMERC.NLM V1.4 SendMerc is a small utility who allows you to send emails via the mercury mail system on netware servers. 25 October, 2010 02:59 NLMs - SlowLoad 1.00 If you want to control the loading of NLMs on your server, this is for you. A simple but effective NLM loader that works in a similar way to NCF files. 25 October, 2010 02:59 NLMs - SDLPD 1.19 SDLPD is a NetWare Loadable Module (NLM) that provides the ability to transfer print jobs between NetWare print queues and UNIX print queues. 25 October, 2010 02:58 NLMs - NWDOS 1.00 Adds a suite of handy DOS style commands to the NetWare console interface. Current commands include CD, DIR, MD, RD, DEL, TYPE and COPY. No messy interfaces or interpreters here, just a straight extension to the main console. 25 October, 2010 02:58 NLMs - WOL.NLM 1.0 With WOL you can 'wake up' your pc simply by sending a 'magic packet' over the network. 25 October, 2010 02:57