Linux Programming Linux Programming latest software downloads en-us wolfSSL 3.15.3 wolfSSL is a lightweight SSL/TLS library targeted for embedded and RTOS environments primarily because of its small size, speed, and portability. It employs a dual licensing model, making it available under both GPL and commercial licenses. 01 October, 2018 07:27 Agile Commander for Linux 1.2.0 Agile Commander is a kanban board for IT project management. Its goal is to be extremely powerful for single programmers (indie developers, freelancers, start-ups) and small teams. Agile Commander is consistent with the software agile principles. 01 October, 2018 07:12 Job Board Software 2.3 Job Board Software with Mobile Apps & ATS 23 February, 2016 10:33 Directy CMF 2.5.3 ApPHP Directy CMF is an open-source content management framework (CMF), built on ApPHP MVC Framework that provides a basic functionality required for creating websites and publishing web content. 22 August, 2015 08:40 Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Flex 2015.1 Reports.Fx for Flex is a cross-platform reporting tool, designed for using it in Rich Internet Applications. We tried to give developers and users the most flexible tool for creation and subsequent use of reports for the Internet. 22 August, 2015 08:40 ApPHP MVC Framework 0.6.9 ApPHP MVC Framework is designed to provide modern and rapid development of websites, applications and services. It implements the the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern and principles, including separation of display, logic, and data layers. 08 August, 2015 08:33 Devart ODBC Driver for Firebird 1.1 Devart ODBC Driver for Firebird provides high-performance and feature-rich connectivity solution for ODBC-based applications to access Firebird databases from Windows, Linux, MacOS, both 32-bit and 64-bit. 01 August, 2015 07:37 JNIWrapper for Linux (x86/x64) 3.10 JNIWrapper library allows to interface native code while retaining full control of the application on the Java side. With JNIWrapper, there is no need to create native libraries to call a function of the operating system API or a library function. 25 July, 2015 10:26 Job Board Creator 1.0.1 Turn your WordPress site into a powerful online job board. Currently, JBC requires themes that are specifically designed for this plugin. What's more, in order to charge a fee for job postings, you will need our PayPal Gateway plugin. 21 July, 2015 07:58 Devart ODBC Driver for SQL Server 1.1 Devart ODBC Driver for SQL Server provides high-performance and feature-rich connectivity solution for ODBC-based applications to access SQL Server databases from Windows, Linux, MacOS, both 32-bit and 64-bit. 04 July, 2015 10:07 GUI SDK 1.0 The GUI SDK is a cross platform GUI development SDK ships with the libraries which are related to Windows, Linux, WinCE, Arm-Linux. What's more, some of the controls have special effects, such as fade-in, flip,.etc. 13 June, 2015 08:04 PCLTool SDK Option V : PCL to PDF 15.0 PCLTool SDK Option V converts COMPLEX PCL into PDF or PDF/A format, or XPS format while extracting text. The PCLXForm program has a powerful script programming language, with run-time include variables and command line overrides. 23 May, 2015 07:46 Snip2Code Plugin for Eclipse 2.0.0 Web platform to manage your code snippets directly from your preferred IDE: collect, organize and share with your friends and colleagues the few lines that actually solve your coding issue. Publish your solutions and scale-up the ranking! 18 April, 2015 06:43 SourceAnywhere 6.1 SourceAnywhere is SQL server-based version control software with seamless integration with Visual Studio, Eclipse, and other IDEs, cross-platform support, and unique caching mechanism for remote performance. 18 April, 2015 06:42 SEO SpyGlass Professional 6.0 What do you do to beat your competitors? SEO SpyGlass suggests spying on their links, and with this backlink checker you'll do it crazy quick - up to 100,000 links per search. SEO SpyGlass - a smart way to take over competitor links, and rankings. 02 April, 2015 07:07 SEO PowerSuite 37.1 SEO PowerSuite is the complete SEO software solution for cost-effective search engine optimization. With it you get all SEO tools to get more productive at keyword research, rank checking, onpage optimization, link building. Download free edition now 21 March, 2015 06:23 LinkAssistant Professional 4.16.7 LinkAssistant is a feature-rich website promotion software for webmasters which lets you find high-quality link partners, design and publish a link directory, send hundreds of contact emails at once, check if partners link back, monitor SE rankings. 07 February, 2015 06:54 License4J Floating License Server 4.4.3 Floating License Server runs as a service on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. Since it is Java based it runs on Linux and UNIX operating systems. 14 January, 2015 06:06 exTables 2.1.0 The awesome SQL database table editor and management script by PHP. The awesome SQL database table editor and management script by PHP. 23 December, 2014 06:45 GroupDocs.Annotation for Java 1.7.1 A flexible Java library for HTML5-based annotation of 50+ types of documents and images, including PDF, Office, Visio, CAD and raster images. The library doesn't require client installations and can be seamlessly integrated into any Java app. 21 December, 2014 05:46