Linux Audio Linux Audio latest software downloads en-us ABCMachOneMessenger News Ticker FX 583.3 ABCMachOneMessenger! is amazing new java applet slideshow software that easily allows you to create fully customized slideshows, automatically timed presentation displays, with extreme customization and with amazing special effects! 23 August, 2014 08:14 Free Calendar Software Professional 2.3 Create calendars easily with the free version of this calendar software. Alternatively, you can get a professional version which has bonus/extra features not included in the free version. 20 August, 2014 09:05 jxProject Free Project Management Software - Windows/Linux/Mac, Supports resource leveling/optimizer, parent/child task structures and familiar linking relationships. Flexible resource scheduling: multiple calendars, timezones, part-time and shifts. 20 August, 2014 09:03 Tiny Mp3 Player 1.0.0 Tiny Mp3 Player is a user friendly solution for playing multiple songs on your page. It can blend in effortlessly with the rest of your website's theme as it includes options setting player and background colour. 20 April, 2013 00:01 Xfmedia 0.9.2 Xfmedia project is a simple media player. Xfmedia is a simple audio and video player based on the xine engine, using the core Xfce desktop libraries. 03 November, 2010 20:20 3D Spatialization of Sound 3D Spatialization of Sound is a Linux/X11 port of the 3D spatializer library from the CRC. This program creates "directional" stereo sound from mono source. 03 November, 2010 20:20 xmpgedit 0.72 Beta3 xmpgedit project is an MP3 editor for VBR and CBR encoded files. xmpgedit is an MPEG 1 layer 1/2/3 (MP3), MPEG 2, and MPEG 2.5 audio file editor that is capable of processing both Constant Bit Rate (CBR) and Variable Bit Rate (VBR) encoded files. 03 November, 2010 18:39 BneMP3 1.0 BneMP3 is a mp3, wav, ogg/vorbis, au (NeXT/Sun), AIFF, audio CD, mod, s3m it, xm (etc...), midi player for Linux console. Its written in french (francais) or english.. Get BenMP3 at 03 November, 2010 15:58 JJack 0.2 JJack is a framework for the Java programming language. JJack allows creating and running audio processor clients for the JACK Audio Connection Kit: - Uses Java to create audio processors (effects processors, synthesizers etc.). 03 November, 2010 13:41 streamtuner 0.99.99 streamtuner is a stream directory browser. Through the use of a plugin system, it offers an intuitive GTK+ 2.0 interface to Internet radio directories such as SHOUTcast and Live365. With streamtuner, you can:. 03 November, 2010 11:36 Gefx 0.6 Gefx is a visualization plugin for XMMS. Gefx plugin is made of 800 half-transperent G:s that fly around in space to your music.. 03 November, 2010 11:34 Fische 2.0-alpha3 Fische project provides stand-alone sound visualisation for Linux. Installation: - edit the first two lines of the Makefile to suit your needs. 03 November, 2010 10:17 Make audio 0.4.1 Make audio is a graphical tool to create audio CDs from MP3 or wav files. You can simply arrange a playlist of all songs that you want. The application converts MP3 files to WAV and then burns them on the CD.. 03 November, 2010 04:33 BrewNIX 1.0.2 BrewNIX is a brewing software project. BrewNIX is beer brewing software that will primarily store recipes but also do some minor analysis of the recipes you enter. It is currently a command line program, requiring curses. 03 November, 2010 02:04 StreamTuned 0.16 StreamTuned plays and records audio and video streams using mplayer as backend. It also reads stream urls and related information from playlists, webpages or XML/RSS feeds. 02 November, 2010 21:50 Demoniac 0.3 Demoniac is a tool for exploring and animating graphics effects. Hopefully, it will help to produce demos. Demoniac is based on effects. An effect is a piece of software that computes an image, given some options. 02 November, 2010 21:17 Fully Modular Synthesizer 0.9 FMS stands for Fully Modular Synthesizer and is a tool to create all kinds of sounds from scratch. You can play and sound (sine, triangular, etc.) with any property settings (frequency or volume) and modulations thereof. 02 November, 2010 20:48 mp3togo 0.5.12 mp3togo is a linux tool for creating low bitrate subsets from a high quality music archive. 02 November, 2010 19:39 Pympd 0.08.1 Pympd is a frontend for mpd in the style of rhythmbox and itunes, written in python, with pygtk. Pympd itself is not a music player and it is actually a frontend to mpd, a daemon for playing and managing music. 02 November, 2010 14:25 Sound Mural 0.0.9e Sound Mural is a picture-to-sound converter plugin for Xpaint. An image that has been loaded or composed in Xpaint is treated as a spectrogram, and the corresponding audio is written out as a WAV file. 02 November, 2010 14:13