Groupwise Groupwise latest software downloads en-us Download Bindery Tools - Omni Syncaphone 1.x Omni Syncaphone is the ultimate solution to provide access to GroupWise from anywhere at any time on just about any Java cell phone. 12 October, 2010 22:57 GW-IAU (GroupWise Internet Address Update) 1.x Do your users' GroupWise address books have left-over internet gateway address information from when you migrated to GroupWise 6.x Native Internet Addressing? 12 October, 2010 22:57 GWMerge 1.x Need to send customised e-mails to users based on the contents of a web-based "request for information" or based on their customer-relationship-management database records? 12 October, 2010 22:56 GW-CRU (GroupWise Common Rules Update) 1.x GroupWise Common Rules Utility allows you to create common or default rules and folders in each users' account quickly and easily. 12 October, 2010 22:56 GW-CPU (GroupWise Common Proxy Utility) 1.x Does your e-mail security policy require you or your email auditor to have proxy rights to all users' GroupWise accounts? 12 October, 2010 22:55 CCUweb (Create Calendar Utility Web) 2.5.x Looking to create on-line calendars based on your Outlook or GroupWise calendar entries? 12 October, 2010 22:55 CCU (Common Calendar Utility) 1.0 Dates are easy to keep with GroupWise CCU! GroupWise Common Calendar Utility allows you to add common events, reminder notes and tasks to your users. 12 October, 2010 22:54 GW-ABU (GroupWise Address Book Update) 1.x Address Book Utility (GW-ABU) allows you to import addresses to your GroupWise Address Books. 12 October, 2010 22:54 Omni Mobile 1.x Today's world is a mobile world. People need to be able to communicate and access their GroupWise information from anywhere, at any time, on any device - on-line or off-line. 12 October, 2010 22:53 DSRAZOR for GroupWise 3.90 DSRAZOR for GroupWise helps you delegate, administer and audit your GroupWise. 12 October, 2010 22:52 Streiff Information Services 2.01 GW Migrator is a simple migration utility that allows you or your end users to migrate their GroupWise 5.5 Address Books (NAB files) to an Outlook 2000 formatted file for easy importation into its contacts section. 12 October, 2010 22:52 GWMBSize 1.13Beta GWMBSize stands for GroupWise MailBox Size. 12 October, 2010 22:51 EGOTIT for GROUPWISE 1 Universal email confirmation - Confirms delivery of your emails - Informs about non-delivery of emails - Independent of recipient's software 12 October, 2010 22:51 GWIA Log File Analyzer 1.0 GWIA Log File Analyzer is a utility that allows yout to generate reports from a GroupWise email log file called ACCT. 12 October, 2010 22:50 VirusBuster for GroupWise 1.14.022 VirusBuster for GroupWise - Cost effective GroupWise virus scanning and attachment blocking. 12 October, 2010 22:50 Migration Manager 1.0 Migration Manager reduces the space requirements for GroupWise by automatically cataloging archived messages and purging the archives based on configurable settings. 12 October, 2010 22:49 e/pop - Instant Messaging 3.0 e/pop is an enterprise level instant messaging, chat, presence and application sharing client developed specifically for GroupWise! 12 October, 2010 22:49