Communications Communications latest software downloads en-us eCall 3GPP InBand PSAP IVS Server 2.01 eCall PSAP Server and 3gpp Inband Modem Server that decodes MSD/FDS and post the information to the enterprise level application platform. (E.g. Webservice, database, or application) Supports PUSH, PULL and DTMF mode. (eCall Router InBand Router). 04 February, 2015 06:16 LiveCyberCash Video Chat Software 4.9 Cross platform Video Chat Software that includes payment processers, numerous fully brandable customizable template website. Adaptable for virtually any niche. Powerful management & statistical analysis functions. 21 January, 2015 06:46 Newsletter Plus Software AUG_2014 Newsletter Plus is an easy to use Email marketing software. It's easy to use Newsletter Plus Softwares built-in campaign editor to create visually stunning newsletters, promotional emails and flyers. 03 September, 2014 06:57 Unified Communications Autodialer Software 3.4 ICTBroadcast is multi tenant, unified communications and telemarketing software solution supporting Voice, SMS, Email and Fax broadcasting. Suitable for small business owners, enterprenuers and Service Providers. ICTBroadcast offers smart auto dialer 18 August, 2014 07:12 CAMCOM CHAT 5.0 Add feature-rich chat rooms with webcam video and voice calls into your websites. Easy to install in seconds. Works on shared hosting with PHP. No Flash Media Server or Red5 needed. Customizable design. All source files included (Open Source). 12 August, 2014 06:50 OMessenger 7.0.61 Secure Instant Messenger for text, group, voice communication and file sharing between colleagues within single or multiple offices from anywhere in the world. Easy to install and use, and no active internet connection or central server is required. 26 April, 2014 09:12 Download Communications Software - REALP12 1.0 This enhanced updated version of RealPopup really covers the Winpopup standard messaging application with lots of features such as in-message hypertext links. 26 August, 2011 06:39 Download Communications Software - BroadSend 1.0 Small resident program can send messages on netware 3.11 networks. 6k DOS 3x 26 August, 2011 06:39 Download Communications Software - MOD 1.0 Message Of Day (a utility for Netware 4.X) This program shows a message on choosen date and only if it is the user's first login that day. 26 August, 2011 06:39 Download Communications Software - SENDW102 1.0 A replacement to Novell's "send" utility. It is a Windows program and it is in Danish. From Carsten Bager WIN 26 August, 2011 06:39 Download Communications Software - BSPOP252 1.0 Bassline WinPopUp is an instant messaging tool improved over the WinPopup application which comes with Windows95/98. 26 August, 2011 06:39 ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server 4.0 Comprehensive SMS Gateway with Novell/ADSI integration. Filter incoming messages and define actions. 12 October, 2010 02:12 Download Communications Software - NWSEND 4.0 NWSend allows sending and receiving messages between Novell NetWare users that have Client32 installed. 12 October, 2010 02:11 e/pop Enterprise Server 3.0 Designed to offer instant communications to large organizations with geographically dispersed offices, the e/pop Enterprise Edition. 12 October, 2010 02:11 Download Communications Software - GWIASIG 0.06c GWIASIG is an NLM that will add global disclaimers to outgoing messages and block messages based on sender, subject or attachment type. 12 October, 2010 02:09 NWSEND for Novell Netware NWSEND - Sending messages with Novell Client32. This is a program for sending messages in a Novell NetWare 4.xx/5.xx network. 12 October, 2010 02:07 Download Communications Software - Lyris Mailshield 2 Lyris Inc., a leading developer of email management software and services, announced today the release of Lyris MailShield 2.0. 12 October, 2010 02:06 Download Communications Software - MAILWATCH PRO 1.1 MailWatch Pro is an e-mail notification program. It checks POP3 server email accounts, and alerts you to new messages with a phone call. 12 October, 2010 02:01 E-Mail Address Juggler 2.7 Email Address Juggler is a powerful Windows package (Win 95, 98, NT & 2000) which allows you to sort, filter and manage email address lists in an intuitive and controlled fashion. 12 October, 2010 02:00 i-MailDS alpha test 4.00 Following on from the popular i-MailDS series of mail server products from Digital Integration, version 4 adds many enhanced features and benefits to this already feature rich product. 11 October, 2010 02:53