Audit Audit latest software downloads en-us AuditLogin 3.2 to monitors login, logout activity for netware 3.2 AuditLogin monitors login, logout activity on one or more NetWare servers by using an NLM to intercept system events. 25 September, 2010 22:40 Download Audit Tools - BindView NOSAdmin 1.0 NOSAdmin is the most advanced NDS and Bindery auditing application available. 25 September, 2010 22:10 Download Audit Tools - NDSnooper 1.0 NDSnooper is a simple windows application that is used to check a Novell Directory Services tree for objects that have user specified trustee rights to other objects. 25 September, 2010 22:03 AuditTrack for NetWare 1.0 AuditTrack is a NetWare Loadable Module (NLM) that installs within minutes on any Novell 3.x or 4.x server. 25 September, 2010 22:02 Performance Monitoring Protocol R3 Multiple server performance monitor for server administrators. You can monitor real time CPU, memory usage status and receive alert message for the specific server status. 25 September, 2010 02:47 Download LT Auditor+ 8.0 LT Auditor+ by Blue Lance is a leading solution for real-time surveillance, auditing, and forensic analysis across Novell and Windows 2000/NT networks. 25 September, 2010 02:46 The Accountant's Partner 15.0 The Accountant's Partner(TAP), has been designed with the accounting and tax professional in mind. 23 September, 2010 03:04