ZipSlack is a special edition of Slackware Linux that can be installed onto any FAT (or FAT32) filesystem with about 100 MB of free space. It uses the UMSDOS filesystem and contains most of the programs you will need. This means that you do not need to repartition your hard disk if you already have DOS or Windows installed. ZipSlack installs into a directory on your DOS filesystem. It can also be installed to and booted from a Zip disk. This distribution is ideal for people who dont have a lot of hard disk space, do not have a fast Internet connection to download the entire distribution, or who want a Linux distribution they can carry around on a Zip disk..

Zipslack - Fat32 - Fat - Slackware Linux - Special Edition - Installed - Linux - Slackware - Special - Onto - Disk - Linux Distributions - System

Published By:Slackware Linux, Inc.

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:25 October, 2010




Size:1.4 MB

Platform: Linux

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