XmlAutoIndex (xai) is a module for Apache written in perl that browses your directories and outputs it into Xml. The aim of this project is to replace mod_autoindex in Apache: I would like to separate data from design, that is why I have made a xml output. After that, using Xslt you can translate it into Html, Svg or Xul for example (you can make your own theme by updating xsl style sheet and with never touching the core engine). Each plugins are indepentant and are here to generate thumbnails, previews, etc... Each previews, meta-data are cached in a cache directory to accelerate http queries. bonus: I have included in engine a handler that allows you to add comments per file, this behaviour does not require SQL server because comments are saved in files caches meta-data..

Published By:Edouard Vanbelle

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:27 October, 2010




Size:1.3 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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