Server Management - NetWare Control Center

Server Management - NetWare Control Center

NetWare Control Center is an advanced Logfile Analyzer and Realtime Event Monitor for Novell NetWare 4.x, 5.x, 6.x and Open Enterprise Servers. With NetWare Control Center you can easily checkout the health and security of your servers. It offers an advanved logfile management (analysing, archiving) with powerful search- and filter-options.

The Realtime Event Monitor shows a status overview with the latest SYS$LOG.ERR event of all monitored servers. It offers the ability to monitor individual NetWare Events. Using Event Filter Rules you can rate individual NetWare Events with different realtime states: ONLINE, WARNING and FAILURE. Each Event Filter Rule assigned to a specific NetWare Event can be associated with different alert and log options.

The NDS-/eDirectory Health Check feature will offer a simple and fast solution to check the directory services health. It is completely based on TID10060600 and includes all 7 health check steps as recommended by Novell. Just select the server and choose the NDS-/eDirectory Health Check menu entry to start the selected health check steps on the server. The results of the health check will be presented in a detailed and easy to read HTML-Report.
Features of NetWare Control Center:
NetWare Control Center:

* multiple tree support
* NetWare 4.x, 5.x, 6.x and Open Enterprise Server support
* authorization capability with own login dialog
* support for multiple server languages
* multiple start contexts for browsing the network
* remote maintenance (supporting IP and IPX)
* web favourites (quick hyperlinks to important Novell Websites)
* TID-Finder (quick access to Novell Technical Information Documents)
* Error Code Translator (converts NetWare Error Codes into Error Descriptions)
* Internet Update Check

Logfile Analyzer:

* logfile management (analysing, archiving)
* simple logfile analysis through a graphical visualisation
* powerful search- and filter-options
* deep in event information (error type, error #, source, category, error message)
* ability to filter critical or fatal entries to check the health of your servers
* intruder lock-out detection
* search for spezific events for diagnostic purposes
* fast detection of exceeded record lock thresholds
* create, view, analyse and compare Server Configuration Reports
* ability to salvage, view and analyse previous CONSOLE.LOG files
* CRONLOG diagnostic (find-, filter- and goto enabled)
* SYS$LOG.ERR analysis
* ABEND.LOG analyzer

Realtime Event Monitor:

* realtime event monitoring, alerting and reporting
* free choice of the servers you need to monitor
* event filter rules for filtering NetWare Events
* alerting via e-mail, sound file, local or remote popup
* logging to the Windows Event Log with customizable options

NDS-/eDirectory Health Check:

* easy handling
* complete directory services health check as recommended by Novell
* customizable for all network environments
* time saver, all checks can be done by a single mouse click
* detailed HTML-Reports

Logging NetWare Events to the Windows Event Log:

This feature is a long missing gateway to many third-party solutions which now offers a single point monitoring for Windows-, Unix/Linux- and Novell Servers. Logging NetWare Events to the Windows Event Log is customizable with following options...

* define which NetWare Events will be logged
* select the type of entry for each NetWare Event (Informational, Warning, Failure)
* select the category of entry for each NetWare Event
* select the Event ID for each NetWare Event (1-9999)

Platforms of NetWare Control Center:

* NetWare 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Open Enterprise Server Network
* English or German Server Language
* latest Novell Client
* rights to files and directories to access the NetWare logfiles
* Windows NT 4.0 SP6a, Windows 2000/2003 or Windows XP (Home or Professional) or
* Windows 98/98SE/ME (Windows 95 is not tested)
* administrative rights for installing NetWare Control Center
* about 20 MByte harddisk space

Netware Control Center - Logfile Analyzer

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