Server Management - AdRem Server Manager

Server Management - AdRem Server Manager

Novell Consulting experts' choice for: user activity monitoring, disk usage reporting, server trends and problem diagnosing, NLM profiling, advanced file management and remote console. In wide use by Novell Consulting experts who face network, server, user, directory and file management challenges. Configure and distribute server parameters to multiple servers from a central location, monitor user activity, create disk usage reports, collect and analyze trends, quickly diagnose problems and track NLM utilization.

This is the one Windows program to manage NetWare and OES Linux!

You can monitor multiple servers running different NetWare and SUSE Linux OS versions. Even if you still run NetWare, migrate or successfully use Linux – run Server Manager 6 to control them all.
Features of AdRem Server Manager 6:

Instant Access to Server Status:

Global view of current performance across multiple servers; performance charts; detailed statistics on open files, connections, and loaded NLMs.

Advanced Disk Management:

Manage files, directories, volumes, and trustee rights; generate detailed reports on server file system; set volume space usage restrictions; quickly search files.

Multiple Server Operations:

Coordinate and automate multiple server tasks using powerful distribution and task scheduling capabilities; compare stored configurations.

Long-term Performance Trend Analysis and Reporting:

Collect performance data, view long-term trends, create multi-chart performance reports; generate sever configuration and file system reports.

Server Configuration Management:

View, store, and modify server SET parameters and configuration files; perform advanced log analysis; export and print configuration templates.

Backward NetWare Compatibility and More...:

Compatibility with all versions of NetWare and Novell OES; WAN optimization; built-in remote console; protocol independence.
Business Benefits of AdRem Server Manager 6:

Server Manager presents opportunities for increased revenue, reduced costs of IT and rapid ROI. The one of its kind feature of the product is support for existing NetWare servers and new OES Linux environment. Where Administrators can use unified interface to administer and troubleshoot both systems, identifying problems much faster and applying configuration changes on multiple devices at once.

New Server Manager 6 becomes a necessary solution during migration process, when large number of files and data is moved to new OES Linux servers and there is a need to keep an eye on and proactively monitor behavior of new environment.

As such, this solution is relevant to your organization if you are confronted with any of the following challenges:

* Use both Novel Netware and OES Linux servers
* Need quick access to different NetWare and OES Linux version to identify the problems
* Need for improved productivity of both Netware and OES Linux
* Plan to migrate your NetWare Servers to OES Linux
* Pressure to reduce time on management operations.

Platform of AdRem Server Manager 6:

* Enhanced OES/Linux support
* Monitoring of over 100 OES/Linux performance counters
* OES/Linux health monitor support
* OES/Linux tasks:
o Execute shell command
o Reboot and shutdown
o Copy software files
o Update text files
* New Monitoring Server Properties
o Option to disable Health Monitoring
o Option to disable advanced monitoring
o Option to disable SMAGENT.NLM
o Option to specify various monitoring times
o Option to disable background server monitoring
* Option to automatically maintain only last trends
* Performance optimization
* Fixed reconnection problems
* SSH Terminal included

Activity Monitoring - Advanced File Management

Published By:Adremsoft

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:02 November, 2010




Size:209.1 KB

Platform: Macintosh

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