Security Software - ShyFile

Security Software - ShyFile

ShyFile generates highly secured HTML-application files carrying your encoded text to be attached to an outgoing email or uploaded to a website. The recipient thereof does not need to have ShyFile installed to be able to decode since any Internet browser will open it and prompt the user to enter the matching key phrase before decoding it. ShyFile offers a depth of encryption of 192 and up to 6144bit since a variable symmetric key length of minimum 32 and up to 1024 characters is employed (that reaches or even tops military standards). You can easily upload a confidential ShyFile to your website (no alterations necessary). ShyFile works independently from all your Web-based email accounts and desktop email applications. This application can be controlled by simple command-lines, as in batch files or from within other programs. The source code of the decoding-algorithm is published. Paste & Copy features included. True 6144bit, 1on1 keys, no 'trusted 3rd party', no 'public key', encryption for text and all kinds of files & documents (such as pictures, MS Word- and MS Excel-files, etc). A File Shredder is included to thoroughly delete files on your hard drive in a way no un-delete tool could ever restore them again.

Use ShyFile to encrypt all your binary files, i.e. your CAD-files, MS Word & Excel documents to prevent anybody from snooping into your stuff. You can encrypt a single or multiple files within a folder, or a whole folder with all its subfolders.

ShyFile features a secure chat. At first, you enter the key you and your chat partner(s) have agreed upon, then press the "secure chat" button on the main interface of ShyFile to open a chat window -- and off you go! There's absolutely no need to enroll or become a member to anything nor to pick a chat room.

Its user friendly interface is very intuitive - no need to study the manual. Symmetric keys are used as opposed to Public and Private Keys. Any file can be used as a key. ShyFile exclusively makes use of its own independently developed algorithm, offering a symmetric depth of encryption of up to 6,144-bit, which means it will take a potential hacker not knowing your password 2 to the power of 6,144 possibilities (that equals a figure with 1,850 digits) to crack it. Ten thousand years won't be enough time to go through all these possibilities.

ShyFile now allows the user to save secured contents as a zipped file, the purpose of which is to protect the integrity of email attachments created by ShyFile when scanned online for viruses by email account providers.

Html-Application Files - Internet Browser

Published By:Shyfile

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:31 October, 2010




Size:209.1 KB

Platform: WinXP , Windows 2000

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