Security Software - AdRem sfConsole

Security Software - AdRem sfConsole

AdRem sfConsole is the Web-enabled, easy to install solution that allows users to effectively protect access to key NetWare servers, foiling inside and outside intrusions from a Windows workstation. For thousands of NetWare administrators the program is a more secure, more flexible and faster alternative to Novell RConsole and RConsoleJ.

sfConsole installs remotely on multiple servers and safeguards remote access to the server console with industry-standard encryption standards and full eDirectory authentication. It also ensures high-level security of the local server console by providing eDirectory authentication, a keyboard lock, and a password-protected screen saver.

sfConsole allows users to connect to the server console and transfer files in the event of eDirectory inaccessibility. Almost all of sfConsole's functions can be used from a Web browser and from any GUI-enabled Linux desktop, which gives users the flexibility to securely operate on the server console anytime, any place.

Last but not least, the program empowers authorized administrators to delegate transparent, enterprise-wide role-based user access to the server console resources. For example they can restrict particular users' or groups' rights to perform only certain tasks on the servers (e.g. backup, running selected scripts, server monitoring) or to view only selected console screens.
Features of AdRem sfConsole:
Secure Remote Access:

NetWare's RConsole and RConJ pose a serious security threat by allowing passwords to be sent over the network in a plain text format. To protect users from these vulnerabilities AdRem sfConsole provides the best-in-class server protection for both remote and local console access.

To protect remote access connections AdRem sfConsole offers various levels of encryption alghoritms: 128-bit key TEAN, 168 bit-key Triple DES, and 256-bit AES.

The unique encryption key is randomly generated for each session using the industry-standard Diffie-Hellman algorithm. Apart from the strong data encryption, sfConsole delivers added security to remote connections through control of access rights to console commands and screens.
Secure Access via Web Browser:

Web access delivered by sfConsole means that users can remotely connect to a NetWare server using Microsoft Internet Explorer from any desktop without installing sfConsole and NetWare client.

The web-based console provides the same functionality as the client version of sfConsole. This gives users the flexibility to perform such security operations as role-based access control, remote emergency connection, and emergency file transfer from anywhere on the web. Last but not least, web access through sfConsole does not compromise security - users are still required to authenticate through eDirectory.
Emergency Access and File Transfer:

In case when eDirectory is inaccessible (due to its failure, or when DS.NLM is unloaded), sfConsole ensures management continuity by providing an emergency connection to the server. In such cases users can also transfer files from a workstation to all the server directories, including the server's local DOS partition, they have been granted access to.
Local Console Protection:

AdRem sfConsole completely protects the local (physical) server console - the user must provide the correct name and password to access the local server console. Unlike Novell's standard screen saver, sfConsole makes it possible to restrict access to console commands and screens.

Local console security modes:

Full It is impossible to access any server screen (a screen saver will be visible instead of the active screen) or enter any command from the keyboard without logging in.
Keyboard only (with screen saver) When no one is using the console remotely, the local user can only see a screen saver and to use the keyboard he has to log in. However, if the are active remote users on the console, the local user can view the active server screen, e.g. to monitor the operation of remote users.
Keyboard only (no screen saver) Unlike in the previous case, this protection mode eliminates the use of screen saver; in each situation, the local user can view the active screen and to use the keyboard after logging in.
Screen Saver Access to the server console will not be restricted. After defined period of time from the last keystroke, the screen saver will be started. Pressing any key will result in returning to the server console screen.
Unrestricted Full access to the local server console (no screen saver or keyboard lock).
Role–based Access Management:

By extending the eDirectory schema, AdRem sfConsole makes it possible to implement flexible role- based management of console access privileges – a feature unavailable in most other consoles. As a result, you can control access rights to particular users or groups, define console start- up scripts, or even restrict users' rights to selected screens or commands.
Console Activity Auditing:

With sfConsole you can determine not only what happened on the console, but also when it happened and who did it. For instance, the administrator can verify who accessed the server console from behind the firewall, and from what IP address.
Remote Console Proxy:

Secure Access to Servers from Behind the Firewall

If a connection from some external Internet location is desired, remote access to the NetWare server console is also possible through the firewall. In this case users log- in via the web to a single sfConsole server that acts as a proxy, and from this server they communicate with any other server within the same NDS tree.

Unlike the previous releases of sfConsole which necessitated the opening of multiple NCP ports, the 2007 version requires just one dedicated port - selected by the user - to be opened on the firewall and forwarded to the proxy. This eliminates the risk inherent in NCP ports that users can potentially gain unauthorized access to other NetWare resources from outside the firewall. The proxy connection provides users with access solely to the server console.

The proxy- enabled remote connection is protocol- independent - users connect with the proxy server over TCP, and then communicate with other NetWare servers over either IPX or TCP. Finally, they can connect to any NetWare sever exclusively within one eDirectory tree.
Single Sign–On:

AdRem sfConsole is compatible with the single sign- on technology. This means users log- in using the eDirectory password just once. All subsequent connections to other servers within the same NDS tree and all windows opened later use the information about users' rights that is stored in eDirectory, and do not require entering passwords again. As a result, users with suitable rights access the server console without the hassle of repeated log- ins to eDirectory.

AdRem sfConsole runs over both IPX/SPX or TCP/IP protocols. Program is compatible with all Novell NetWare platforms, including NetWare 4.11, NW 5, NW 5.1, Novell NetWare 6.x/Novell OES and, on the client side, with Microsoft Windows NT, 2K, 2003, XP.
Data Compression:

Thanks to a custom data compression algorithm, sfConsole provides efficent access even over extremely slow links. The program is optimized for WAN and modem connections and typically the traffic generated by sfConsole is less than 1 kb/s (as compared to 40 kb/s generated by other consoles, e.g. Netware Management Portal).
Quick and Easy Deployment:

sfConsole uses only one NLM which is sized at about 1 MB. This means installing the program remotely on 100 servers at a time takes no more than half an hour. Installation, program can also automatically unload and remove other insecure remote consoles (like Novell RConsole or RConsoleJ) from the autoexec.ncf startup file.
Keyboard and Desktop Shortcuts:

sfConsole allows you to define keyboard shortcuts for the most frequently used functions. For example, you can quickly change screens by using the '+' and '- ' key strokes defined as the shortcut. This is particularly useful for Novell RConsole users who are used to certain keyboard shortcuts already.

With sfConsole you can easily define desktop shortcuts to ensure quick access to a given server.
Business Benefits of AdRem sfConsole:
Lower operational risk of the business:

* Reduced risk of revenue losses resulting from security breaches
* Elimination of potential loss of reputation in the face of customers, partners, investors
* IT personnel's accountability and data confidentiality
* Stakeholder and investor confidence
* Compliance with security-related best practices, regulations, guidelines and legislation such as National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, SOX Act, and European Union Data Protection Directive

IT labor cost reductions

Increased productivity of network operations staff:

* Reduction of labor costs of access management and administration
* Reduced cost of security management efforts
* Reduction of routine maintenance and upgrade costs

Quick time to value:

* The product is rapidly installed, configured and deployed with no need for consulting

Increased revenue and users' efficiency:

* Through improved availability of server-enabled processes

Netware Servers - Windows Workstation

Published By:Adremsoftware

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