SecureJSH project enables server side applications written in the Java programming language to provide secure shell access to their administrators, users, developers and service clients, where verbatim syntax of the latest Java programming language can be used - interactively. SecureJSH needs JDK 6.0 (or later) or JRE 6.0 (or later) with JAVAC on classpath to function. Security: SecureJSH implements RFC-4251 SSH 2.0 protocol at the server side, with support of publickey authentication, which is more secure and convenient (no need to enter password every time). Interactive Execution: You must first compile traditional Java source code to bytecode before executing them. But with SecureJSH, the compilation is done transparently so you just type in arbitrary length of Java statements, then see them get executed immediately, in context. Context objects are all well kept across executions, this way you interactively control a live Java application with the programming language it was writen in. Verbatim Java Syntax: Unlike other Java shell supporting tools, SecureJSH leverages JSR-199 Java compiler API to dynamically compile interactive Java statements. This means you use the EXACTLY same syntax with whatever your applications are writen in, up to the latest Java Language Specification. You can copy & paste code between SecureJSH terminal and your Java project source without problem. Smart Command Recognization, UNIX Shell Style Unlike JSR-223 scripting support for the Java language, with which you must enter the full source of a Java class to execute, SecureJSH is much smarter and humanized, it prompts you for multi-line input when youve entered incomplete Java statements, and wraps the statements inside a predefined class structure for execution. It is a REAL shell. Non-Interference, Minimum Resource Consumption SecureJSH has no static resource has to be stored JVM wide, and consume very small amount of resources per instance (with NIO based implementation, all SSH traffics are handled by a single thread). You can run as many shell servers as you wish inside a single JVM, including JVMs of Java application servers. Commercial Friendly License SecureJSH is released under a BSD style license. Please read the included LICENCE.txt for SJSH and third-party license terms. Whats New in This Release: · The Java completion algorithm was refined and is more accurate and to the point. · Rarely used methods like Object.wait() and Object.notify() are filtered out. · Completion for built-in command options was added - press Tab to complete a command, then Tab again to prompt for common options. · This works fine with dynamic options (like unimport java.awt.* · can be entered by uni-[Tab]-j-[Tab], when such an import is in the list). · The field definition command now takes a type name before a field name, to match the Java variable definition style..

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Published By:Compl Yue Still

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:22 October, 2010





Platform: Linux

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