Scheduling Software - Groone's Macroer

Scheduling Software - Groone's Macroer

An old favorite for gamers, and professionals alike. Automate repetitive tasks with great ease and no longer be burned out with the mind numbing process of doing something over and over and over again with your own two hands. Groone's Macroer turns the mundane into something that is tolerable.

Simplify those repetitive tasks with computer automation! Groone's Macroer saves time and money as you get your work done quickly and efficiently. Allow Groone's Macroer to speed up your work practices and give you more time to get those other jobs done. Computer automation is the key to YOUR success. Most functions you need can be easily scripted and assigned for touch of the finger activation.Features include an easy scripting language, mouse and key stroke tracker, intuitive script editor, macro scheduler, an X/Y coordinate tracker so you know where your cursor is and more. Never again spend hours at those sweepstakes websites filling out those long questionnaire forms, Groone's Macroer will do it for you.

From data entry on those enormous accounting spread sheets to the multiple entry's on a company's win a car sweepstakes, you will find Groone's Macroer a life saver when time is fighting against you.
Create routines once and schedule them in the built in scheduler to run while you sleep. Earn minutes at the water cooler while Groone's Macroer fills in those redundant government form.

Now you don't have to remember hundreds of passwords that may fill your day at work trying to remember. No more going to your group or user admin to reset passwords that you forgot. With a quick look you have the information handy and available.
Features of Groone's Macroer:

* Easy to use front-end.
* Easily manage stored information.
* Easily add application descriptions, ~usernames and passwords.
* Easily modify usernames and passwords.
* Secured access to the Password Store interface.
* Tightly encrypted storage of program usernames and passwords.
* Small and compact database to prevent those prying eyes.
* Multi-user capability on the same PC and across the LAN.
* Handy Tips.
* Password creation utility to assist and use proper techniques when creating passwords.
* Top of the line web based and email support.
* Easy to follow tutorials and help files.

Script Language - Key Stroke Tracker

Published By:Groonesworld

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:27 October, 2010




Size:1.2 MB

Platform: WinXP , Windows 2000

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