Remote Control - e/pop Remote Control

Remote Control - e/pop Remote Control

WiredRed Software's e/pop Remote Control is a stand-alone remote access, application sharing and system administration product. It enables help desk and e-support professionals to proactively monitor and maintain Windows-based systems from remote locations on the network for immediate problem resolution. It also supports field personnel by providing reliable and secure access to network applications and desktops, as well as virtual training and presentations through application sharing. Network administrators can centrally manage groups, security policy and features across an entire enterprise using the e/pop Remote Control administrative console. e/pop Remote Control provides optional directory integration capabilities with NetWare and Microsoft networks and operates over TCP/IP on Windows 9x, ME, NT/2000 computers.

With more than 200,000 licensed users in approximately 2,000 corporations worldwide, e/pop is one of the most widely deployed commercial instant messaging platforms in the world.

e/pop Remote Control was designed to be the most secure and flexible remote administration product available. e/pop Remote Control offers superior security using RSA for authentication, digital certificates and signing, as well as RC4, DES, Triple-DES and AES for encryption. The product's strong administration capabilities enable system administrators to control, configure and manage the entire network infrastructure from a central location. In addition, the e/pop Remote Control console and directory integration capabilities provide complete centralized authority over group management, profiles and other details of a system from a remote location.
Features of e/pop Remote Control:

One of the fastest remote control products available - provides nearly instantaneous response over a variety of connections. An excellent solution for the corporate help desk that reduces the cost of maintaining and supporting dispersed computers.

* Complete security for authorized use only
* Real-time control over a remote computer keyboard and mouse
* Troubleshoot problems from afar and remotely train users by example
* Cost benefit for managing computers across the network

Platforms of e/pop Remote Control:

e/pop Remote Control operates on all Windows 32-bit platforms, including Windows 95, 98, ME, NT and 2000 Workstation and Advanced Server.

Remote Control - Remote Access

Published By:Wiredred

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:13 October, 2010




Size:1.2 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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