Protector Plus Antivirus Software for NetWare

Protector Plus Antivirus Software for NetWare

Protector Plus 2000 Antivirus Software for NetWare is the ideal antivirus software to protect your server against threats by all types of malware like viruses, trojans and worms. Protector Plus is backed by the antivirus specialists of Proland Software, who have expertise in developing antivirus software since 1989. It is constantly updated to efficiently handle the ever-changing threats posed by viruses.


Protector Plus has a Real-time scanner NLM module that will scan all the files accessed on the server. The Real-time scanner detects the virus on the fly and takes corrective action as configured by the administrator. The NLM can be configured to clean the infected files on-line. This ensures that all files in the server are free of any type of malware like viruses, trojans and worms.

* Manual Scan
Protector Plus antivirus software has an easy to use manual scan and cure program. This program can be used to manually scan and clean any volume or a directory, at any time from the NLM loaded on the server. Results of the scan are displayed on the screen as well as written to the log file.
* Virus Database Updates
Virus database updates are released every week. Emergency updates are released whenever there is an outbreak of a virus in the wild. Registered users of Protector Plus can download these updates FREE of cost for one year from the date of purchase.
* User Interface
Protector Plus has an easy to use interface, which is attractive and simple. Uniform interface is implemented through out the package with context sensitive online help.
* Virus Alert Broadcasts
Protector Plus antivirus software can be configured to warn the administrator and a pre-configured list of users, of the virus activity and the corrective actions taken.
* Types of Viruses Handled
Protector Plus antivirus software for NetWare can reliably detect and remove all types of malware like viruses, worms and trojans. Protector Plus Real-time scan and the manual scan can detect all these types of malware and take the appropriate action.
* Compatibility
Protector Plus Antivirus Software works on any Server running NetWare version 3.12 or above including version 6.0
* Committed Support
Registered users of Protector Plus are eligible to get product support through the web or through email FREE of cost for one year from the date of purchase.

Installation and Un-installation:

The Evaluation Copy of Protector Plus antivirus software can be installed on any server running Novell NetWare 3.x and above. This software is for the server and the number of nodes connected to the server is not an issue.
The file that you download ( is a compressed file. Download this file to a temporary directory of any node connected to the server. Unzip this file to extract the programs required to install the Evaluation Copy. You should log in to the server as a user having the supervisory/admin rights to install the software properly. Run SETUP.EXE under Windows to install and configure the Evaluation Copy. After the successful installation, you can delete the files in the temporary directory to which you had downloaded the software.

To un-install the Evaluation Copy from the server run SETUP.EXE with/deinstall option form a Windows node i.e. type"SETUP /deinstall"

Antivirus Software - Scanner

Published By:protectorplus

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:23 September, 2010




Size:2.4 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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