Portlock Boot CD

Portlock Boot CD

The Portlock Boot CD is the essential system administrator toolkit used for professionally managing and maintaining enterprise servers. The Portlock Boot CD provides a working environment for Portlock Storage Manager and/or Portlock Drive Explorer.

The Portlock Boot CD is based upon Windows PE 2.1 which is built from Windows Server 2008. Nearly all storage and networking hardware are supported.
Features of Portlock Boot CD:

* New Menu Interface: All utilities are accessible through a new graphical user interface, including a start menu with a taskbar to access open windows.
* Portlock Drive Explorer: View files and directories on your local disks (Traditional, NSS and NTFS) and removable media and extract/copy individual files from your system to an alternate location.
* Portlock Device Manager: View detailed information on system devices. Use Portlock Device Manager to find unsupported devices and install missing drivers.
* Portlock Drive Map: Map a network drive to a specified server and/or directory and copy individual files or install a driver to and from alternate locations.
* Portlock Network Configuration: Configure your server with DHCP or a static IP. Use the included network diagnostic utility to verify your network connection and resolve network problems.
* Portlock Display Manager: Change the display configuration and resolution of the Portlock Boot CD.
* Remote Connections: Use Windows Remote Desktop or RCONIP – a Netware-based remote connection utility – to connect to your desktop or server of choice.
* Windows System Information: Obtain a wide variety of information about your system and devices, ranging from model and type to components and problem devices.
* Windows Task Manager: Use Windows Task Manager to view running processes and monitor CPU and RAM usage.
* Windows Notepad: Create and edit documents using Windows Notepad.

Boot Cd - Windows Server

Published By:Portlock

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:20 October, 2010




Size:121.2 KB

Platform: Macintosh

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