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Online Cardgame System project is a client-server system for playing card games over the net. OCS is a client-server cardgame system, similar to those found at Yahoo! Games and elsewhere. The server is portable and has been tested under Linux, Win32, and several unix systems. We currently have Win32 and Java clients available, and a Qt client for Linux is in development. Games are implemented as plugin modules, so new games can be added without recompiling the server. In addition, the client is written to be unaware of the mechanics of gameplay, so it can theoretically play any games the server supports without having to know how to play them specifically. We currently have Euchre and Spades implemented, with bot support for both games, meaning you dont need a full 4 people to play a game. We plan on implementing more games in the future. On a side note, development of this project tends to wax and wane with our motivation and amount of schoolwork. Whats New in This Release: · Massive restructure of code into more object orientated patterns · Added daemon capability to server · Got rid of checksumming in the protocol since TCP/IP does it internally · Padded STRINGS in the protocol on DWORD boundaries · Added support for loadable account managers · Removed crypting of the password by ocsd (account managers may do it) · Added ODBC (for windows) and mySQL (for unix) account managers (database connectivity!!) · Modified packet classes to throw exceptions instead of returning true-false · Created packet manager classes to queue client packets, reduces total send calls · Implemented bots when there arent enough people to play games · Added new command line processing capabilities as well as configuration file support · Fixed bug that allowed a person to overwrite an account when creating that same account · Win32 - Made server link with DLL runtime library to reduce executable size and ease DLL dependencies · Updated messages to be sent in HTML since the main clients support it · Created Java client which can be run as an application or as an applet · After a client is booted from a game, they cannot join the game again until they receive an invitation · Fixed libtidy bug which caused it to erroneously format HTML · Euchre supports intelligent bots · Spades supports moronic bots (the AI is horrible but allows for gameplay) · Fixed Spades textual problem when a round was over. · Fixed Spades score calculation that resulted in no loss of points · Win32 client now supports HTML (IE4+ required) · Win32 client can now join games by right-clicking on an empty game slot in the game view. · Fixed major bug in Win32 client that would cause it to crash when sending private messages · Win32 client can now use /msg to send private messages. SourceForge presents the Online Cardgame System project. Online Cardgame System is an open source application. SourceForge provides the world's largest selection of Open Source Software. A client/server cardgame system. The server is cross platform, and clients will be written for different platforms. Games are developed as 'plugin' modules, and can be added without recompiling the server.

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Published By:Ted Mielczarek and Todd Jeffreys

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:25 October, 2010





Platform: Linux

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