Norton AntiVirus for NetWare

Norton AntiVirus for NetWare

Norton AntiVirus for NetWare is the enterprise-wide solution for protecting shared files (DOS/Windows/Macintosh) across networks from known and unknown virus attacks. Designed to protect your Novell NetWare Server against computer viruses, the netware loadable module (NLM) features powerful antivirus protection coupled with easy-to-use, time saving controls for network administrators. The MHS option provides administrators the capability of sending virus alert messages to the enduser through the MHS system, notifying the enduser of a viral attack. The Norton AntiVirus identifies and repairs the most common 'in the wild viruses'.


Norton AntiVirus for NetWare has excellent overall performance and plenty of features. However, its pricing model is a major downfall. Norton says the next version will combine features from Norton and Central Point. This should be a strong offering if they can integrate Central Point's enterprise management features with the flexibility and client support of AntiVirus.

Norton AntiVirus did fairly well on our Windows load test, adding 27 percent overhead on the server. It also found 76 percent of our test viruses, placing it on par with Cheyenne and EliaShim.

Norton AntiVirus can route workstation-generated alerts to the server for more advanced notification, like paging, MHS or NetWare broadcast. It also supports the unique ability for an infected server to login to a different server to notify users who aren't connected to the infected server. Its client support is the best of this bunch

While AntiVirus lets you run reports on individual servers from a central console, there is no way to run one report that includes data from all the servers. We found the ability to apply filters to the various logs very helpful, because it let us see only the events pertaining to a particular user or a certain class of events. These filters are available on both the server and workstation software.

This document includes installation instructions for the following platforms:

* Norton AntiVirus 4.0, 5.0, & 2000 for Windows 95/98
* Norton AntiVirus 3.0 and 4.0 for DOS / Windows 3.x
* NT Tools and NT Scanner
* Norton AntiVirus 4.0 and 5.0 for Windows NT
* Norton AntiVirus 4.0 for NetWare
* Norton AntiVirus Network Manager
* Norton AntiVirus Network Manager for Win95 and WinNT
* Norton System Center
* Norton AntiVirus for NT Server, DEC Alpha version
* Norton AntiVirus for OS/2
* Norton AntiVirus for Internet Email Gateways
* Norton AntiVirus for Firewalls
* Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 6.0/7.0

It also includes instructions and resources for manual updates:

* Installing Virus Definition Files Manually
* Intelligent Updater File List
* Virus Definition CD information

Installation and Uninstallation:

Downloa This program automatically updates Norton AntiVirus with the latest virus definitions. It automatically searches for Norton AntiVirus on your computer and updates the necessary files.

Anti Virus - Norton Anti Virus

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