MIE Chat Software

MIE Chat Software

Used across commercial businesses, specialized chat software provides instant access to employees and clients from all around the world. This way, small-to-large businesses in various fields of activity can hold business meetings, interact with their clientele and strengthen communication throughout the company.

Among other benefits, business-oriented chat software can reduce telephone bills, since it utilizes either a private local network or an Internet connection to connect two or more parties. Such software can serve as a means for holding business meetings, engaging in business proposals with partners and clients, as well as respond to customer questions in a time-efficient manner.

Business chat software can be set up on company computers or directly on a business website. In what concerns internal company communication and collaboration, computer-installed chat software can link a group of computers together for meetings and discussions. Deploying business chat software directly onto a website provides clients and prospects an effective way to communicate quickly with company representatives to answer products, billing or other inquiries.

In order to support communication and collaboration within small-to-large commercial businesses across the globe, MIE-Solutions has developed MIE Chat & Collaboration Software - an easy to use and cost-effective software tool with manifold benefits.
MIE Chat & Collaboration Software is a revolutionary internal company chat software and collaboration tool that offers the ability to chat with any number of business associates without worrying about users chatting outside the company walls. The chat tool is deployed on your company's file server, and gives you the ability to associate chats to business tasks and files in a quick and easy manner. MIE Chat Software is designed to solve the common problems associated with securing documents as part of file and document management.

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Published By:MIE Solutions

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:09 September, 2011




Size:29.6 MB

Platform: Linux , Handheld/Mobile Other , WinXP , WinServer

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