Memopal Online Backup

Memopal Online Backup

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Memopal creates a backup copy of the files on your computer and transfers it to a remote server via a 128-bit encrypted connection. Thanks to Memopal your files are safe, and you can retrieve them online at any time.

Memopal makes your life easier because it continuously and automatically backs up files on your computer. It is compatible with the most common operating systems:
Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iOS and Android. Memopal is available in a free 3GB version forever, Pro 200GB at €49/year and a personalized White Label version with your brand. Memopal differs from most well-known file sync services because online files are never automatically deleted unless the user decides to. This allows users to create hard disk space on their computer, by deleting files from their drives and recovering them online only when needed. If you share a folder with a friend or colleague, there's no concern that shared files will be accidentally deleted, since the files remain on Memopal until the owner decides to manually delete them from his/her account.

Online Backup - Online Storage - Cloud Backup - File Sharing - Remote Disk - Network - Storage - Restore

Published By:Memopal

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:04 February, 2015




Size:7.7 MB

Platform: Android , BlackBerry , Linux , Windows Server

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