KinderGate Parental Control

KinderGate Parental Control

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KinderGate Parental Control features content filtering based on morphological analysis, vast URL database, download control, safe search, HTTPS support, etc. It provides high accuracy web filtering with extremely low false detection rate. KinderGate blocks resources related to malware, drugs, terror, abusive content, illegal materials and other categories. KinderGate is widely used by schools, libraries and home users. KinderGate features Deep Content Inspection (DCI) that uses morphological analysis to make web surfing secure but useful in the same time. The solution uses a vast URL database of 500M+ websites divided into 70+ to block websites with harmful content. Also KinderGate is able to block contextual advertisement. KinderGate Parental Control can force to use Safe Search that will block unwanted requests in Google, Yahoo, etc. Just as other filtering mechanisms safe search cannot be disabled unless a special password, set by a system administrator, is entered. The tool can prevent downloading unwanted files (EXE, DOC, MP3, AVI, etc.) that might not only contain inappropriate material but often appears dangerous as well. Also it allows monitoring statistics of Internet use and view the number of allowed or blocked network requests. Unlike other security solutions, KinderGate Parental Control is able to examine content loaded via HTTPS protocol, which sometimes might appear to be dangerous as usually it's not examined. Moreover KinderGate meets interests of educational institutions, such as schools, colleges and libraries. The solution performs clustering support that allows creating clustered system of a number of computers, which can be controlled by one computer. This way KinderGate makes system administration much easier and productive.

Parental Control - Home Internet Control - Home Access Control - Web Filter - Internet Filter - School Filter - School Internet Control - Content Filter - Https Traffic Filter - Block Url Categories - Block Porn - Safe Search - Clustering Support - File Download

Published By:Entensys

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:15 May, 2015




Size:79.4 MB

Platform: Linux , Mac OS X , WinXP

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