HTML::Merge is an embedded HTML/SQL/Perl system. SYNOPSIS < HTML> < $RQ.SELECT * FROM customers WHERE customer_id=< $RVAR.cust_id>> < $RLOOP> < $> owes < $RSQL.debt>< BR> < /$RLOOP> < A HREF="/cgi-bin/"> < /HTML> Merge is an embedded HTML/Perl/SQL tool for creating dynamic web content. compiles HTML with embeded Perl to Perl CGI programs and run them. All Merge pages are referred to by cgi-bin-dir/ (Important: file.html is a HTML template that located in a directory you choose and name it on the merge.conf file. Notice for better security, the web server must not be able to display the templates dirctory). although on CGI mode you can define as an handler with the Action directive in Apache. Using under Apache::Registry will utilize Perls built-in caching to cache pages using the do command. Merge uses a configuration file to retrieve information about paths, database connectivity and debugging. It has an embedded debugging tool and on-line configuration. To turn that option on, set DEVELOPMENT to 1 in the configuration file. Dont forget to set it off before deployment. Configuration can be changed during development using the toolkit menues, toolkit menues apear as popup windows on your web browser when you open a URL of Alternate configuration files can appear in /etc/merge.conf and $HOME/.merge. As described in the INSTALL document you must set your web server for each appliaction and copy (or create) links to and PUBLIC files and templates and create system database tables. If you are using a UNIX system you can use mergecreateinstance that will do thoes tasks for you. FILES B<> Main script, usually a symbolic link to each instance. B< merge.conf> Configuration, unique per each instance. B< $PREFIX/share/merge/private> Internal scripts. B< $PREFIX/bin/merge.cgi> Main script, central. B< $PREFIX/bin/merge.conf> Template for configuration files. B< $PREFIX/bin/mergecreateinstance> Instance creating script..

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Published By:Raz Information Systems Ltd.

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:25 October, 2010




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Platform: Linux

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