GPTEngine (Get Paid To Engine) is a ready-to-go self-hosted GPT program with integrated CMS out of the box.

From a simple pay per click program to a sophisticated paid advertising service, GPTEngine will bring your online business to the next level with a powerful back-office tool system and a completely CMS driven Website.

No scripts to mess with -- just point and click.

From download to a fully functional GPT program in minutes.

All of GPTEngine functionality and content may be roughly categorized into the following parts:

Admin (back-office) site.

Internal (server-side) system.

Content management system (CMS).

Interactive (user-side) modules.

Plugin system.

A not-exhaustive list of GPTEngine features include:

Completely ready to go system right from installation.

Full functional admin (back-office) and user websites.

Integrated content management system (CMS) with WYSIWYG capabilities.

Real time functionality (no cron jobs needed).

Full-featured membership site (for members and advertisers).

Well documented system of code snippets.

Complete advertising delivery system.

PTC (paid to click) campaigns.

PTR (paid to read email) campaigns.

PTS (paid to surf) campaigns.

PTSU (paid to signup) campaigns.

PTRV (paid to review) campaigns.

PTTS (paid to take survey) campaigns.

PTCO (paid to complete offer) campaigns.

PTP (paid to promote) campaigns.

PTX (generic postback-based GPT) campaigns.

Support for different types of payment processing.

Database maintenance including backup, restoring and SQL console.

Configurable downline system.

Custom special membership types.

Built-in configurable anti-cheat system.

Editable styles and support for themes.

Website template system.

Rotating content (built-in entropy system).

Ad packages and sales system.

Real time statistics.

Built-in powerful multi-thread mailer.

Full-featured members payment system.

Complete financial reporting tools.

Well documented plugin API.

Integrated documentation.

Cms - Script - Gptengine - Popux - Advertising - Campaign - Geo-Targeting - Cgi - Php - Apache - Mysql

Published By:popux, Internet Software

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:26 March, 2011




Size:31.9 MB

Platform: Linux , Unix , Windows Server , Linux Console

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