File Replication Pro is the leading provider of file replication and synchronization software for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Novell and others.

FRP is used in hundreds of companies on terabytes of data across millions of files to solve a variety of business problems including:

Offsite backup: While tape backup and local disk backup provide an initial level of security, there is a need for offsite backup to handle the advent of disasters on-site. Employing bit level copy and multi session replication, File Replication Pro efficiently copies files across your WAN and other networks, while ensuring the integrity, security and rapid availability of your critical data.

Satellite Office Sync: Organizations are increasingly challenged with finding secure and automated solutions to the growing need for teams in different locations to share the most up to date files and documents. File Replication Pro enables real time synchronization technology to distribute your files to remote sites ensuring that all members of your team have access to the most current versions, all the time.

Web Content Distribution: With content distribution needs becoming ever more complex due to the size and number of files, the expectation for constant updates and the need for redundant servers to ensure high availability of your information, manual methods for keeping content updated are too time consuming and often unreliable. File Replication Pro natively supports cross-platform distribution and efficiently handles large files and large file sets, making this the ideal solution for publishing your web content.

Business Partner File Sharing: While email, FTP and file-shares go someway in enabling sharing of documents and files with your business partners, they are slow and insecure, exposing your sensitive information to the public. FRP handles the complexities of sharing sensitive files and documents by utilizing encrypted transmission protocols and password protected acce

File Replication - File Sync - File Synchronization - Backup - Off-Site Backup - Disaster Recovery - Cross Platform Replication - Content Synchronization - Byte-Level - Mirroring - Real-Time - File Sharing - Content Distribution

Published By:Diasoft Corporation

License Type:Commercial

Date Added:27 December, 2011




Size:29.1 MB

Platform: Linux , OS/2 , OpenVMS , Unix

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