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Dwarf Server Framework is a Java technology-based framework for developing network server applications. The primary goal of Dwarf is to support development of network servers based on the Internet standards. However, its architecture is quite universal and it is not limited to this kind of applications only. The first available Dwarf-based applications are the Dwarf HTTP Server with Java Servlets and JSP and Dwarf Mail Server with ESMTP/POP3/IMAP4. Simple design and very concise API together with an extensive documentation makes the learning and consequent work with the framework easy and fast for the development team. Modular multithreaded architecture as well as efficient implementation guaranties the performance on top. Incorporation of Java 2 Platform Security Architecture and Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) helps to meet todays high security demands. Dwarf Server Framework, although not an all-purpose universal wheel, offers extending the server functionality by customizing almost all its components: · multithreaded service development · support for TCP/UDP based services · authentication via login modules · authorization based on subjects · logging and configuration Furthemore, it comes with the full documentation, guides and examples, and is free of charge for the binary redistribution..

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