Download Batch File Utilities - AppSpy

Download Batch File Utilities - AppSpy

With AppSpy managers can easily track the usage of particular files and applications on a Novell Netware File Server within their company. Learn which files are most frequently used during the course of the day! You can also send messages to and clear connections of those users using a file. Use AppSpy to gather critical information and make important decisions based on the results.

AppSpy 2.0 will show you every program running on your computer. This program is very useful for checking to see of there are Trojans, key recorders, or any other spy programs running on your computer. Highlight a program and press the "Terminate Program" button to close it instantly.AppSpy will warn you if you are closing a Windows component program and will ask you if you want to continue. Press the "Get Info" button to get the file information of that program. Press "Scan for Trojans" to scan for the top seven most common Trojans. Trojans are small programs that let other people control your computer when you are connected to the Internet.

Track File - File Server

Published By:AppSpy

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:05 October, 2010




Size:511.8 KB

Platform: Macintosh

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