Download Audit Tools - NDSnooper

Download Audit Tools - NDSnooper

NDSnooper is a simple windows application that is used to check a Novell Directory Services tree for objects that have user specified trustee rights to other objects. For example you can use NDSnooper to generate a list of all objects that have the supervisor right to other objects in your NDS. This is a helpful way to find out where all the administrators of your NDS are, and if any exist that shouldn’t. NDSnooper doesn’t just check for objects that have supervisor rights to other objects, you can ask it to report on objects that have any trustee right your interested in to objects in your tree (browse, read, write, compare etc). NDSnooper will generate both a flat text file dump and a CSV formatted file (if requested) of the objects in question. In addition, objects that are trustees to other objects will have any security equivalents listed.

Windows Application - Audit Tools

Published By:Phdevelpoments

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Platform: Windows 2000

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