Download Audit Tools - BindView NOSAdmin

Download Audit Tools - BindView NOSAdmin

NOSAdmin is the most advanced NDS and Bindery auditing application available. Auditcon - Quickly set up and manage network audits of intrusion detection, NDS changes and access to sensitive data audit log files with easy to read and analyze reports. File Server SET Variables - Automatically configure SET variables on multiple file servers to match Site Standards. Full NLM Management - Manage NLMs more easily. New features let you distribute NLMs to servers not meeting Site Standards and then run scripts on the server to load or re-initialize NLMs as necessary. In addition, text files in the "C" partition, including Startup.ncf and Autoexec.ncf, can now be modified. User Template NDS Object Reporting - Use new fields to manage NDS "User Template" objects. Trustee Assignment Analysis for NDS Objects - Use new fields to report, analyze, and manage trustee assignments of NDS objects. Reports allow administrators to view a single spreadsheet of all NDS trustee assignments on-screen and to edit, delete, and reassign them as desired. Trustee Analysis of File System Objects - Use new fields to report, analyze, and manage trustee assignments for File System objects as well as NDS objects. ZEN Works Support - Manage Novell Application Launcher (NAL) objects as well as Workstation Manager objects. NDS for NT Analysis - Analyze user membership in NT groups and client configuration. GroupWise Analysis - Generate reports detailing users and GroupWise Post Office usage based on e-mail names.

NOSadmin performs a comprehensive assessment of the security of your enterprise, allowing you both to find and fix security issues and implement security policies enterprise wide. Additionally, NOSadmin includes Active Admin, which provides you the ability to quickly enforce security policies across the enterprise.NOSadmin analyzes and documents virtually every aspect of configuring your servers and NDS, looking for improperly configured servers and out of date or conflicting executables (including EXE's, NLMs, services and device drivers) that can cause your servers to perform poorly and crash.NOSadmin drastically reduces the time it takes to manage networks on a day-to-day basis, reducing tasks that would take months or weeks down to just hours or minutes. NOSadmin leverages a small staff with a limited number of experts to be able to audit and configure networks on an enterprise-wide basis, regardless of the size of your network or domain model.

Many of you are familiar with BindView EMS/NOSadmin from your NetWare days (or you currently work in a mixed shop). You know that BindView EMS is a network reporting tool. But what you might not know is that BindView now works with Windows NT and NetWare 3.x and 4.x.

Because many reviews have covered how BindView works as a network and resource reporting tool in a NetWare environment, I won't go into that area here. Instead, I'll focus on how BindView works with NT. BindView EMS uses snap-in management modules to collect data from all areas of the enterprise. When you plug in a single module for a single NOS (e.g., NT), the module works as a comprehensive management and security tool for a homogeneous network. When you integrate multiple modules to manage multiple NOSs (e.g., NetWare 3.x, NetWare 4.x, and NT), BindView EMS lets the modules access information from NetWare or NT from one console and view information from multiple NOSs on one screen.
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* MPN: NT-S-1

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Software Category: Network Management Tools

Platform: PC

Software Type: Monitoring • System Management
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Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT Server, Microsoft Windows NT Workstation

Auditing Application - Analyze Reports - Manage Network

Published By:symantec

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:25 September, 2010




Size:4.1 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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