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Docmosis Java allows software developers to quickly and easily create documents and reports in multiple formats, including: PDF, Doc, DocX, ODF, RTF and HTML. Docmosis uses Templates, which are just regular documents, created using Microsoft Word or OpenOffice, with added placeholders for any dynamic content.

Your application passes data to Docmosis, which merges the data with your template, to produce the finished document.
The power of Docmosis comes from the combination of: our simple plain-text templating placeholders, plus, the fact that your templates inherit the powerful features of the editors used to create them.
Docmosis allows you to:
1) Develop and maintain documents faster than an "all code" solution.
2) Layout your documents visually using editors you already know.
3) Output in two or more formats - without writing any extra code.

Java Pdf Library - Java Create Pdf - Create Pdf From Java - Generate Documents - Reporting Software

Published By:Docmosis Pty Ltd

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:28 March, 2015




Size:1.1 MB

Platform: Linux , Unix , Windows Server , Linux Console

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