DB2::db is a framework wrapper around DBD::DB2 for a specific database. SYNOPSIS package myDB; use DB2::db our @ISA = qw( DB2::db ); ... use myDB; my $db = myDB->new; my $tbl = $db->get_table(myTable); my $row = $tbl->find($id); The DB2::db module can simplify your interaction with a DB2 database using the DBI module. The cost is generally a little bit of speed since it cannot know which columns you may be interested in. This is not always bad since you may not know either. Please note that unlike many of the DBIx::* modules, this framework is intended to create your tables (and database) as well as manage them. Most DBIx modules will assume your tables are already created and leave the ability to recreate your tables up to you. The design for DB2::db is intended to allow you to develop on one machine and deploy on another with a little less effort. In exchange, however, it can be significantly more work to set up your perl scripts in the first place. That said, the extra work in setting up your perl modules is probably only a little more than the work it would require to create a DDL script to create all your tables..

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Published By:Darin McBride

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