CloudBacko Pro for Linux

CloudBacko Pro for Linux

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CloudBackup Pro is a robust cloud and local backup software designed for backing up virtual machines, databases and files in Linux.

It backs up VMware virtual machines, MySQL and files to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, OneDrive, Rackspace, OpenStack, Dropbox, FTP/SFTP sites, and local drives.

It equips with comprehensive features that maximize backup and recovery speed, ensure data security, provide great flexibility in backup automation, keep backed up for as long as you need, support backup to unlimited destinations, etc.

It is the only backup solution that can encrypt everything with a 256-bit truly randomized key, including all the data and file/folder names. No one, not even NSA, is able to read your data.

It comes with the most intuitive user interface that is so easy to use. No training will be required to get started. Selecting backup sources, managing destinations, scheduling automatic backups, monitoring the health of your backups, and restoring data, all can be done effortlessly. Whenever you need assistance, the Help button on each page provides you with the answer right away.

Once configured, CloudBacko will quietly and transparently performing backup in the background continuously. When your computer is busy with high CPU usage or network traffic, backup will automatically be paused so as not to affect the computer's performance.

With our backup data integrity ensuring technology, restore drill test can be frequently run in the background to ensure the restorability of your backed up data.

Once purchased, you'll get automatic software update whenever it is available for free.

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Published By:CloudBacko Corporation

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:12 January, 2015




Size:70.0 MB

Platform: Linux , Linux Gnome

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