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Ballloon is the quickest way to save web files to clouds.
1.What the helll is it?
Ballloon is the best google chrome extension, which can help you download gif, download pdf, download jpg, download mp4, mp3 and links directly to Dropbox, Googledrive, Box, Onedrive, Copy or SugarSync. Saving files to the cloud can be extremely fast and simple, ONE left click is all that’s needed.
It is just like a floating balloon, which will fly directly to clouds.
2.Any sparkle here?
ONE Click Is Done
Ballloon is cool. You can save images directly to your Clouds with just ONE click. Hover your mouse over a pic when you view a web page and you will find clouds icons at the right top corner, then choose it a destination.
We have designed Ballloon to be as easy as possible. There is still a lot more we want to do, to make saving simple and fast for all!
3.How about a link?
It Goes Without Saying
You can save links directly to your Clouds as well. When you are viewing a web page with a file link on it, you can save it by right clicking the URL.
There are quite a few other similar extensions, such as Save to Google Drive. In order to keep the same experience, we've built this context menu UI.

Cloud Storage - Googledrive - Dropbox - Onedrive - Box - Copy - Sugarsync - Download Manger - Productivity

Published By:Chengdu MADHOUSE Technology Co., Ltd.

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:11 October, 2014




Size:429.7 KB

Platform: Linux , Unix , Windows Server , Mac OS X

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