Agile Commander for Linux


Agile Commander is a desktop kanban board for IT project management Its goal is to be extremely powerful for single programmers (indie developers, freelancers, start-ups) and small teams. Agile Commander is consistent with the software agile principles. Its also a good bug tracker. Available for Windows and Linux.

Which Agile Commander feature decide, that program is designed especially for single users or small teams?
- is classic application - don't need server or any additional infrastructure, you can use it on your own computer;
- have got small hardware - requirements application need after launch just about 40 MB RAM, don't strain your computer resources and don't affect its efficiency when is off;
- made you an owner of your data - every project is written in custom file in JSON readable format, don't need to install any database server;
- made your actualization under control - while Agile Commander is a common desktop application, you don't need to worry that at a crucial moment of your project the web application provider make fundamental changes or end the services. It only depends on you when you switch to a newer version of the software;
- work offline - you do not need an internet connection, work wherever you be without worrying about accessing your data;
- had perpetual license - no monthly fees (subscription);
- had quick story filtering by using text and easily accessible story type buttons.
- checklists
- links and file management
- moving cards between columns using drag&drop
- activity log - full history of changes in the project with convenient filtering
- project statistics - you can check the current state of work at any time

Project Management Software - Kanban Board - Lean - Agile Software - Kanban Software - Bugtracker

Published By:Digital Karabela - Andrzej Kilijanski

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:05 May, 2018




Size:3.6 MB

Platform: Linux , Linux Console , Linux GPL , Linux Gnome

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