ADMLogger is a log analyzing engine based on fireparse. After I had written fireparse, I had found myself writing little scripts based on it. Like one that told me what my FTP server did that day. And then more things like - were unauthorized machines trying to get IP addresses from my DHCP server? So I decided to rip out the engine of fireparse to create a generic log analyzer system. Using this core, I could easily build upon it with plugins. This also made it easier on my systems since there was now only one entry for cron, and I didnt have different code everywhere - a bug fix in fireparse had me searching the rest of my systems looking to see if I still used that line. For the average Linux user, ADMLogger will probably only be a means to an end - that end being able to run fireparse. But with very little Perl programming knowledge, it may become a powerful tool in a System Administrators toolbox. ADMLogger creates e-mail reports that can be formatted plain text or full HTML, which is up to the plugin designers to support. The main system has a HTML preference, so if your plugin ignores it, so be it. ADMLogger will also remove all filtered entries from the main syslog file into a second file so your other entries are more noticable. Whats New in This Release: · Improved non-HTML output support for ALL plugins.. Aaron Marasco's Home Page - Drexel University, Class of 1998. Includes Kia Sephia modifications and various Linux scripts.

Admlogger - Html - Based On - Log - Engine - Based - Analyzing - Log Analyzers - Internet

Published By:Aaron D. Marasco

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:22 October, 2010




Size:41.0 KB

Platform: Linux

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